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When looking to make a contribution into a pension an individual must consider annual allowance & carry forward, and tax relief limitations relating to earnings. The annual allowance may limit contributions made each tax year but carry forward can be used to contribute more. Both employer and personal contributions count towards the annual allowance. Personal […]

Does it make sense to gift surplus pension income?

Pension freedom changed the dynamics of estate planning, with many individuals now gifting or spending assets which are part of the estate before touching their pension pot which remains IHT free. So does it make sense to gift surplus pension income? Gifting surplus pension income using the ‘normal expenditure out of income’ IHT exemption might […]

Old Mutual Global Investors is now Merian Global Investors

Old Mutual Global Investors has changed its branding to Merian Global Investors New-look Old Mutual Wealth Global Investors reveal free thinking strategy and Former Old Mutual Global Investors boss Richard Buxton has revealed the philosophy managers will use at his new spin-off investment house. This week, Old Mutual Global Investors was officially renamed Merian Global […]

Partial DB transfers – the best of both worlds?

Partial DB transfers could be the perfect solution for those caught between needing income security and income flexibility. Not only could partial DB transfers offer the best of both worlds to clients, it could also be advantageous to employers and trustees too. Most people with a DB pension will be best advised to stick with it. […]

Pension contributions – How they can help business owners.

How pension contributions can help business owners The dividend tax changes have strengthened the case for business owners taking more of their profits in the form of pension contributions. Many directors of small and medium sized companies face an increased tax bill this year as a result of how dividends are now taxed. And pension contributions […]