Pensions, Income Drawdown, Retirement Options

Drawdown (aka income drawdown) plans, annuities, and retirement planning generally. We offer expert advice on the pros and cons of pension income drawdown and pros and cons of annuities, and after fact-finding your at-retirement needs advise you on appropriate solutions.

Whether you are just starting out with your pension planning or you are approaching retirement, it is important that you receive expert and professional advice.

For most people, pensions are still the most tax-efficient way to provide for retirement. Devine Financial Management Ltd. are experts in this area of financial planning, before, at and after retirement. 

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Pensions, Drawdown, Flexible and Capped

Income Drawdown Plans (also known as Income Drawdown, Retirement Income and Unsecured Income) offer great flexibility. But they remain invested and as such are not fully secure. Give us a call and find out:

  • Guaranteed Drawdown Plans – how they work and the costs of guarantees – are they worth it?
  • What is this “Prufund” approach many people seem to like?
  • What’s the difference between Flexible and Capped Drawdown?
  • Why might it be best to keep my existing “capped” drawdown plan in its current form for now?
  • Can I really make a large single payment (say, £100,000) into my pension just before retirement?
  • How can I save tax at 60% using my pension?

Taking the right type of advice can make a huge difference. You should give us a call and sound us out. It carries no cost or obligation.  Just pick up the phone to discuss: 0345 013 6525

With the wide range of options available, the pensions arena can be confusing. The decisions and choices you make will affect the income you receive when you finally reach retirement. It really is important to get professional, expert advice.

We can advise on all forms of pension contract, e.g. whether to keep, consolidate, replace, with or without further contributions:

  • Stakeholder Pensions and Personal Pensions
  • Existing Drawdown Plans
  • Self-Invested Personal Pension Schemes (SIPPs)
  • Occupational Money Purchase Pensions
  • Retirement Annuity Plans
  • Transfer Plans (including Section 32s)
  • Annuities, including Enhanced Annuities