Fishing exploits no. 3 in a series of six billion…

I have to admit to being a fair weather fisherman, and I think young Andy is much the same. We are out most weekends when the weather is good, say May through September, but that’s about it.

Last Saturday was a very pleasant evening, and I fished just one rod instead of the usual two. When the fish are biting it’s pretty much impossible to fish two rods efficiently, and a single rod is much more relaxing. I again caught plenty of smaller carp in the sub two pound category, and the mirror pictured at around 3lb to 4lb was the best of the evening for me.

A nice place to while away a few hours - members lake swim 7

A nice place to while away a few hours

A nice little mirror carp

200 lb man triumphs over 3.5lb fish


Sooner or later one of those big ‘uns in the high teens / low twenties is going to end up in my net I reckon.

Until then, stay tuned…..
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