Life and Health Insurance (Protection)

Most UK consumers are unaware of the existence or the workings of most or all of the following types of life insurance and their tax treatments:

  • Level Term and Increasing Term
  • Mortgage Protection / Decreasing Term
  • Life cover with Critical Illness
  • Whole of Life
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Death-in-Service (corporate cover)
  • Convertible Term
happy family with life cover

Many people take out life insurance without ever discussing their situation with an independent adviser. Often, the subject is first raised at the time of mortgage planning, and a policy is taken out on the spot with a bank or mortgage broker, without any check as to value for money. A few minutes spent discussing your needs with an independent adviser – one who can advise on appropriate products and access the entire marketplace on your behalf, could save you £,000’s over the years! Don’t pay too much, and don’t carry more insurance than you need!

We offer advice and brokerage (finding the best deals) on:

  • Life Cover: level, increasing, decreasing, inter-vivos (7-year cover for IHT) mortgage protection and more,
  • Life and Critical Illness cover combined
  • Income Protection (personal and executive / corporate)
  • Private Medical Cover
  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (“ASU” plans)
  • Stand-alone Critical Illness Cover

We will happily meet you and discuss life and health insurances with you. We will go through your needs and make sensible recommendations based on the sums you require for life and / or health cover, and your budget. If you wish, you can telephone us for an initial chat about your needs and some quotes. Please call 0345 013 6525.