Direct Quotes Online (real-time) for Life and Health Insurance

As Independent advisers we would always recommend you seek advice on your life and health insurance needs. However, we appreciate some prefer a non-advised DIY approach, as cheaper rates are available (since the intermediary merely brokers the transaction). We therefore offer this “execution-only” option for below, which carries lower premiums than the full advice alternative.

Unlike many such sites, with us you will receive your quote immediately on-screen, not by email, and no-one will call without permission. If you wish to apply after you get your quote please follow the online instructions – all documents (illustration, key features and application are available on later screens):


Get real-time quotes and apply for Level Term, Decreasing Term (a.k.a. Mortgage Protection) and Family Income Benefit, with or without Critical Illness Cover


Get a real-time quote and apply for Whole of Life cover


Get a real-time quote and apply for Income Protection (permanent Health Insurance)


If you feel you need advice on your insurance needs, then please contact us on 0345 013 6525. Where we provide advice, a fee may be chargeable. Otherwise, by continuing with an online transaction (which is known as “Execution Only”) you confirm that you have received no advice and you understand that when buying a contract under these terms, you will not benefit from some of the regulatory protection provided when authorised advice is given, and you may have no right to redress should the contract turn out to be unsuitable.