Financial Advice – Our Service Offering

As independent advisers we offer all forms of regulated advice to our clients:


Pensions and Retirement

      • Retirement planning: Advice on accumulation of funds / appropriate types of pension contracts.
      • Pension investment – ongoing advice / investment management.
      • Close to /at Retirement – advice on retirement choices: Cash Flow and Tax planning, Annual and Lifetime Allowance issues, Final Salary pensions, flexible access drawdown, ongoing investment management (income/growth), annuity provision.

Investments – full advice services for cautious through to adventurous investors:

  • ISAs and other Collective Investments: OEICs and Unit Trusts
  • Risk-rated, multi-asset, multi-manager
  • Onshore and offshore investment bonds
  • Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Structured Products
  • Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)

Inheritance Tax planning and mitigation

  • Advice on Gifting, family trusts, use of investment bonds, niche products, underlying investments
  • Appropriate use of Trusts: Discounted Gift Trust, Gift, Loan Trust, Discretionary and Absolute
  • Advice on maintaining access to capital at specified intervals (niche products)
  • Tax and cash flow planning

Life Insurance and Health Insurance

  • Advice on the appropriate levels and type of cover to take out
  • Life and life / critical illness cover on level, increasing and decreasing terms
  • Income Protection

Company Benefits and related services for owners of Small / Medium Enterprise Services: