First State to Stewart Investors – Funds – Change of Name

The First State funds listed below have changed their name by dropping the words “First State” and inserting “Stewart Investors”, (i.e. First State Asia Pacific Leaders becomes Stewart investors Asia Pacific Leaders, etc.):

  • First State Asia Pacific
  • First State Asia Pacific Leaders
  • First State Global Emerging Markets
  • First State Global Emerging Markets Leaders
  • First State Indian Subcontinent
  • First State Latin America
  • First State Worldwide Equity
  • First State Worldwide Leaders
  • First State Worldwide Sustainability

Earlier this year First State announced some changes to the structure of the First State Stewart (FSS) team which manages a number of their equity funds. These changes have seen the FSS team split to form two new teams; one primarily based in Hong Kong and the other primarily in Edinburgh. The Edinburgh team has become an investment division in its own right and rebranded Stewart Investors. Stewart Investors is a trading name of First State Investments (UK) Limited, which remains responsible for the funds

The changes apply across all investment platforms and personal pension contracts. The new fund names will appear on your valuations, statements and any other correspondence you receive. The fund objectives, risk profiles and Annual Management Charges have not changed.

The listed funds are very popular and are to be found on nearly all investment and SIPP platforms, and there are also insured pension fund versions.

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